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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beach Party 2010 Long Island

I know, I know. I have been neglecting my posting duty, and I am sorry. With the colder weather coming, I'll be able to spend more time posting. This past weekend we went to my cousins anual beach party in Long Island, which by the way is where I grew up (south shore, Nassau County). I am now considered an upstate New York person, but will always have room for my Long Island roots. Here are a couple of shots from the gathering.

Amy's fiance throwing a frisbee...

My niece and sister-in-law

A cousin's daughter, who is desperately trying to have fun despite just losing her father in an accident

Picking up my niece who is riding the train coming into station from Jamaica Queens

Flower near the beach house

My great nephew Jake. Look at that smile! His mother has taken over 10000 photos of her boys.

My cousins son.

My other great nephew Josh.

Loading up the slide with sand! Oh joy. Actually we did the same thing when I was a kid. This shot is like a birds eye view from atop the slide. I was waiting for my turn!

Almost ready with some new photos including my famous sky shots! Look for them very soon!

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  1. Finally, a new post! I love the photos you chose for this - lots of variety among macro and portraits and scenic. But the one shot of Jakey is too dark!